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White Sand and Stone

“Daybreak was a saving grace for

my family. When my son was initially diagnosed with autism I had no idea where to go, what to do, or how to navigate what was next or how to best utilize our funding.
It was all extremely confusing

and complex, and I didn’t know where to turn.

When I first spoke to Shannon, (over a decade ago now,) she put my mind at ease and helped clarify how things could look for my son going forward. My son absolutely loved going to Daybreak each week. 
He made lifelong friends, has attended every summer camp for the last 10 years, and is now grown into a wonderful, well-rounded, young man who has just got his first job in the hotel industry at the age of 16. For a boy that never liked to talk, he has sure come along way thanks to the amazing support we received from Daybreak consulting.

We will be forever grateful!!!”

Cheryl (son, age 16)


"We met Shannon and Alissa when my son was 3.5 years old, and we did Daybreak’s  early intervention individual program.  We quickly saw the progression from our son not being able to talk to... talking! 
Prior to Kindergarten, we enrolled him in the Kindergarten Focus program. This provided early foundation skills for my son to succeed at school. My son is now in the SCIT program, and we see how much he has grown each each year! Daybreak has been amazing for our son!"


Niva (son, age 8)  

Flower Buds

"We have been involved with Daybreak for 8 years now. It has provided our son with an environment where he can see himself in a positive way. He has cultivated a network of peers to practice his social skills, in a very low-stress way. Shannon and her team have also provided our entire family with genuine support over the years. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness. They have helped me to come to a place of confidence in providing advocacy for my son."

Stacy (son, age 12)

Zen Garden

"Our son has attended Daybreak group for several years. It’s been a huge support to him and introduces positive concepts in a fun way that he wants to come back each week!

At Daybreak he can get the coaching he needs to keep interacting with kids his own age."

Elise (son, age 11)

Blue Water

"Our son attended Daybreak from the time he was 5 until he turned 18.  The Daybreak team supported him through every transition, including Kindergarten, intermediate, high school, and graduation. They made sure his academics were as strong as possible, and prepared him to be an independent adult.  His life would have been very different if we hadn’t found Daybreak to help our son become the best version of himself.  We will always be grateful we chose them!"   

Doris (son, age 20)

Blades of Grass

"Daybreak is so filled with love for the children that they help! Shannon is amazing, a person that you can truly count on. Together with her team, they have provided the best individualized support for my son and our family for the past two years. Social group nights have become a highlight in his week. I am truly thankful to have the very best people working with my son!"

Amanda (son, age 5)


My son A joined Daybreak after we had a bad experience with another consultant. My son has been growing in his attention span , learning social skills and developing amazing every day essential life skills since joining Daybreak. Integrated therapy of behaviour consulting and speech language pathology in a centre based approach  have improved his verbalization and communication skills with his AAC device. 
Every single expert team member at Daybreak works hard towards his growth and we know we are in capable hands. Daybreak is an exceptional experience! 

Sara (son, age 8)

Dark Ocean

"My child loves going to Daybreak and looks forward to it every week. They love hanging out with their Daybreak friends. I enjoy listening to them tell me about the lessons and watch them use them in their school and social life with friends and family. I love that they have easily been able to generalize social concepts into their daily living."

Carrie (child, age 8)


"My son loves Daybreak. Every week he looks forward to going to Daybreak. He is more outgoing and social after attending each week. We are very lucky to have found Daybreak."

Cathy (son, age 6)

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